Monday, August 18, 2008

more great great grand show things

Man, what a fun show. Thanks to everyone who came out. Here are some pictures of the pieces i did. I'll get some pictures without fingerprints and with some glass in all the frames soon.

"Antarctic" William

"Antarctic" William Arrives in Antarctica

Snow Home

"Miner" Justin

Justin's Cave

Cave Home

"Lumber" Jack

Cut Down Tree

Forest Home

Trees and Moon

you can see Scott, Graham and Israel's stuff from the show here:

and there's a show catalog that you can order from Nucleus. The cover looks like this:


Randeep Katari said...

You're my hero Jon Klassen.
These pieces look fantastic, what medium have you done them in? Guess who still has part of your Annai display? At least, the part that Barry didn't dispose of without telling me.
How goes?

Jason Scheier said...

right on Jon! Love all of these! :) wooty w00t!

Anonymous said...


please put me on your mailing list. I'm so bum I missed the opening night.

Beautiful work like always.


Jon Klassen said...

hm i dont have a mailing list cause that was pretty much the only thing that would've ever been sent out on it.
i will call you PERSONALLY next time. i should do that anyway.

Nik Daum said...

Great stuff Jon.

It's neat seeing everything in frames. It makes your blog look like a very tall wall with art and words on it.

Do your muted color schemes imply sadness in your life, or am I reading into things?

Jon Klassen said...

they look a little more colorful in person, but the colors are muted mostly because velum doesn't take to the pigment as well as watercolor paper would. this made me sad, so the whole process really fed itself.

Bagel said...

soo awesome! really great stuff man. congrats on the show.

Jamie Sinz said...

Hi. The show looks great!
By the way, I just found out that you had a blog...I'm very behind the times.

Anonymous said...

your art reminds me of my the home of my upbringing-- Tennessee.

Anonymous said...

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