Monday, January 25, 2010

BBC olympics 2010

(you can see it a little bigger and much clearer if you go to the studio aka site)

I got to be the co-designer on this spot for the BBC's coverage of the winter olympics. The director on the project was Marc Craste, whose work I have been watching since early college days. Between him and his team at Studio AKA, you can't really ask for more on a job like this. I thank them very much for picking me out and for solving all the problems after I got the fun part.

here is some of the work i turned in. It should be noted that these were mostly done over Marc's early previz work, which was already great-looking. Also all the character designs, including the main guy and the animals, are all Marc's.

and here's a long strip of other ones like that one.

and the official credits for the spot:

Comisioned by BBC / Red Bee Media
Agency: RKCR/Y&R
Director Marc craste
Co-Designer Jon Klassen
Produced by STUDIO AKA

more details and a nice clear version of the spot here:

this spot has done very well out in the big wide world. It won a BAFTA for Best Titles, and a Gold Lion at Cannes.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

black lake

Black Lake from David OReilly on Vimeo.

i went to visit my good pal David O'Reilly in berlintown a little while ago, and while i was there we started to make this. The project was motivated by a show put on by the fine men who run ItsNiceThat called 'if you could collaborate', which took place this past weekend in London. The idea behind the show was to pick someone you hadn't worked with and work on something together. When the show was launched, David and me hadn't done the u2 video yet, so it was born honestly enough.

Anyway, the result is something we're both really happy with. The brunt of the workload turned out to be on David. I was in on the conceptualizing of the thing, sort of the visual rules and value setups and stuff and then designing the elements, and David took it from there.

since it was made to be shown in a gallery, it's meant to be played on a loop (you can do this if you follow the vimeo link).

here's some of the stuff that got generated for it (not really meant as illustrations on their own, just sort of figuring out things):

more here.

also, i'm a day late in posting about this cause i was away. thanks very much to cartoonbrew and motionographer and everyone else who has passed it on.