Monday, November 5, 2007

This is for a project that I'm not going to be able to make deadline on, so i figured i'd at least post the first two pages.

oh well.


Unknown said...

This looks great man!

I hope you finish it!

Ken Turner said...

really goood job, Jon!

keep it up



Dani said...

Hi Jon,

This is so pretty! I love the compositions and colours!
Are you going to do more?

Jon Klassen said...

thanks guys.
hi Dani - i might finish it someday but not right soon.

Joe Karg said...

This looks amazing. I'll keep an eye out.

Martin Wittig said...

I love it already!:)

Edward Juan said...

hey dude, how's toronto? or nigara. Are you still going to Africa to visit your brother? Or are you already back down in LA. Or still in LA? Jon, where are you?

pilipo said...

you are my hero

krissie said...

i love your work!!!
did u make that font.. its super nice..
been looking online for something like that.. did u make it?