Friday, August 15, 2008

the great great grand show

i'm going to be in a group show at the Nucleus Gallery with 3 other awesome guys. Scott Campbell, Graham Annable, and Israel Sanchez and me are gonna have some stuff on the walls come saturday night (Aug 16th), and Graham's gonna have a brand spanking new animation showing too. i think they even said there's gonna be a piano player. I have 10 pieces of varying size and ambition in the show. I did them out of cut out watercolor samples, mostly. There's three made with fabric and sewn thread that i got some motherly help on as well. I'll post them when the show goes up. For now, the one above is one of three guys i did. His name is "Antarctic" Willam.

Here's a link to the show info. If you're in or around town, c'mon down and say hello. there's a chance we'll all be wearing suits cause Scott likes wearing suits.